How to delete multiple blocks at once in Squarespace


I’ve been there. You’ve created a new page, but new things keep getting added, and added, and added... until over time you have what could be one of those long-scroll index pages, ...except it isn’t one.

It loads slowly too, because of all the content on that single page.

You think it could load faster if you made it an index page, but how? You could:

  • Create a new index

  • Duplicate your long-ass page 1x for each section you need to break it into

  • Delete all the extra blocks 1 by 1, for all the duplicates in each section

  • Move the finalized sections into your new Index page

  • Take an Aleve because now your head hurts  🤦🏼‍♀️

OMG –does that even make sense?!? 
No, my friend. There’s a better way!

I have literally done this, not knowing this multi-block-deletion thing, was a thing. Hovering over the delete button on every block. Delete. 'Am I sure I want to permanently delete that block?' Yes. Over… and over… and over…

Why? Because this simple thing isn’t obvious!  I even Googled it once and missed seeing the answer, so I assumed it just wasn’t possible. No one seems to be talking about it!

Once I figured it out though… I had to tell the world, y’all. 😂 It had to be shared!



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Here’s the thing. The happening. The incident that led to me figuring out this little tip!

I created a styles page listing popular styles for a client that has a printing/embroidery company. They sell a blank garment & have an art department to create a design to print or embroider on it.

They wanted to be able to point customers to the 5-10 most popular apparel items that people order, so they can see info, sizes & colors in those styles easily.

I created a page with images & links to those items listed on the vendor’s site which details the fabric info, sizes, colors available, etc. and did so for each of the 5-10 styles.

Next thing I know, more and more kept getting added as new styles were becoming more popular. I started creating jump-links to take viewers from the brand’s logo at the top to that section on the page for faster access… and after we added 10+ more styles the page started loading slowly and started ‘feeling’ complicated & confusing.

So I realized I needed to break it up into an index layout. Create a one-page section for each brand. 🤦🏼‍♀️

I made a duplicate of that single styles page, named it the first brand in the list and started deleting aaaaaall the other content that didn’t belong to that brand, from that duplicate page.

I’m talkin’ 8+ images, aaaaall the spacer blocks, buttons and text blocks for each image, ––it was like 100+ items to delete one by one.

I finished that page though, and hit Save. Whew! One down, and… how many to go? OMG I have that many left?! There’s gotta be a better way.

I googled something about deleting multiple blocks, and found someone in the Squarespace Answers forum.. a gem of a person, who shared this tidbit. I was admittedly skeptical, because it honestly just seemed too good to be true at that point.

But it worked!

With that tip, I was able to finish laying out my new index page and divide up the content pretty quickly. What would’ve taken me, literally, a couple hours –either to duplicate & delete about 8 times, or to rebuild each page from scratch (this was before Squarespace added the media library function inside the Image block, and I would’ve had to track down all those button links again), ended up being done in about 30 minutes.

Deleting multiple blocks at once


  • Go into edit mode for any page on your site

  • Click & Drag

    • Click somewhere inside the page boundary’s empty space (between the greyed out area & where your blocks will start)

    • Drag over the content you want to delete

    • Watch the outline color of the blocks change to a different color grey as you select a group of blocks

  • Press delete on your keyboard

  • Wait. If you have a lot of content being deleted, it may not happen immediately; give it a minute!

  • Save your changes


The ‘are you sure’ popup to confirm you want to delete those blocks is really clingy. (It just wants to hang out with you.)

Click Confirm the first time & let Squarespace work it’s magic. Once everything you selected has been deleted, click Cancel on that popup until it goes away. Clicking Cancel won’t reverse it. Then Save your changes!

See it in action!

If that’s a little iffy or cloudy, let me show ya how:


That’s all for now! If this tip helped you out or made your day, please let me know in the comments! I love hearing from you!


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