How to build your Free Resource Library in Squarespace


My own Free Resource Library evolved a lot since I initially set it up. It was password protected for most of that time, and I never really felt right about that. 

I don't know about you, but I like to see the resources before I decide to sign up & grab one; ya know? (Confession! I'm on SO MANY lists! 😂)

So recently, I decided to open it up to everyone.

That meant no more password!

But how do those freebies still work as opt-ins, if the page isn't password protected anymore?

Well my friend, that's a great question! 

I'm going to walk you through how to set up your own Free Resource Library on Squarespace right now, that will still work as opt-ins, but without the pesky password.


Initial Setup:

1. First, upload all of your opt-ins.

In your account, in your grey sidebar on the left, select Pages. Then under the Not Linked or Unlinked section, click the + to add it. 


Instead of clicking on new Page icon, select Link (at the bottom):


Next, this window will pop up. Type in the link title (page name), and click inside the black box (you'll be able to upload the file from there):


That link area will expand downward (as pictured below). Over on the right side, directly under the black box area, click on File. 

Then New File area should be up by default. If it isn't, go ahead & select that, then click "Add a file" or drag & drop your file into that upload area.


Select Apply once your file has uploaded. *(Note, I believe the file size limit is about 20MB). 

Your link to that file will be whatever the link shows in that window, inside that black box. That part goes after your primary domain URL. 


So for example, for me this link would be:


Click Save!


Repeat those steps for each opt-in you have.

To keep them organized, you can also add a new Folder (in the Not Linked area, click the + then select the folder icon which is labeled "Folder") and drag all of your newly added opt-ins into that folder. 

Now you have link-page(s) that goes directly to your opt-in(s)! But what is it & how do you use it?


2. Create a new Cover Page for each opt-in.

(If you have more than one freebie to offer, create the first cover page, then duplicate the first one & tweak it to fit all your others.)

So, to create the Cover Page we go back to the Not Linked section. This time, choose Cover Page (on the top right).

Give the new page a name that correlates with your opt-in.

For example:
My opt-in link-page page will always be titled "Download - file name here."
My Cover page for that download will just be name of the opt-in.

Go through the setup for a Cover page:

  • Choose a template/layout

  • Branding & Text

    • decide whether to use your logo or text

    • give it a headline (name the freebie)

    • add body text (explain what the freebie is)

  • Media

    • Add a background image

  • Action

    • (use this section to create buttons, links & forms)

    • My suggestion, is to create a form and have that be the only button

      • All you need to ask for is the Name & Email (for sign-up)

      • Select where you want Squarespace to store the info

        • (Note: you can create a Zap that will add new signups to your email marketing platform of choice later)

      • Name your submit button

      • Give it a Post-Submit Message

        • ('Thank you! Your info has been submitted,' etc.)

      • Then in the Post-Submit HTML section, paste in this code to get an automatic re-direct to your opt-in once they've subscribed:

        • <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=PASTE IN THE FULL URL OF YOUR OPT-IN HERE"/>
      • Click Save

  • Social Icons

    • Choose whether you want to add your Social icons

  • Style

    • Edit the style of the page to match the rest of your website

  • Save!

To duplicate that Cover Page once you're done, click the gear icon for that page in the Pages menu bar, & scroll to the bottom of that pop-up. Click the black button "Duplicate," and start this process over again.

When you duplicate, don't forget to change the URL in the form's re-direct HTML code, and update all the names & descriptions, titles & body text, etc. to fit that opt-in.

Here's the Cover Page for my Unearth Your Brand opt-in freebie:


Now that all your Cover Pages are done, and you've uploaded all your freebie files, it's time to create your Free Resource Library page!


Creating Your Free Resource Library:

3. Decide where you want to put your library.

Do you want it linked or unlinked? If you want it linked, do you want to add the library to your primary or secondary navigation area?

Choose the area where you want to add the new library, in your Pages sidebar, and create the new page from that menu area with the + button.


4. Create a new blank page.

I'd start from scratch with a blank page layout, but if you aren't as good with that then feel free to start with a template layout & tweak it to fit your needs.

Make sure you name the page & give it a page description in that page's settings (using your business keywords in both so Google knows what this page is all about).


5. Fill it with content.

Now, give it a title and a brief description near the top of the page so your viewers know where they're landing when they get there.


6. Add a gallery block

Depending on what type of freebies you offer (images, downloads, advice, etc.) you'll have to do this in slightly different ways.

Mine are mostly images and downloadables, so I'll walk you through what I did for mine.

I added a Gallery block for the main freebies. I already had the preview image thumbnails created for the downloads, so I uploaded them to that gallery.


7. Add SEO details

When you upload the images, make sure you go back & add some important details. To do that, click the gear icon that appears when you hover over each image in your Gallery Block. When you click it, the Edit Image window will pop up, allowing you to:

  • give each image thumbnail a Name

  • add a Description where applicable

  • Link that thumbnail to the actual download item

    • This is why we uploaded all the opt-ins before we started!

    • In the link area, choose one of these 2 choices:

      • Download with no sign-up:
        the now linked opt-in file from your Content in the menu for this area. (Look for it by the name you gave it.)

      • Download with a sign-up:
        choose the cover page you created, so they will need to signup before they can receive the download.


Now, when they click on any of the Gallery's thumbnails, they'll be redirected to the landing page where they can sign up to download the freebie file!


All done! If you try it out, comment below & feel free to ask questions or pop the new page link in the comments so I can go check it out & cheer you on!