Maybe You Just Need A Break?


You probably know the famous saying, "Que sera sera," or, "Whatever will be, will be." That's the advice I'm giving myself!



If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen that I turned 30 on Friday (oh my!). Saturday my husband & I ran errands in town. 

(For those of you that don't understand why that takes so long, we live in a very rural area, so EVERYTHING is far away from our house, and you plan ahead to run all your errands "in town" at once! haha!).

So when we got back home, we cooked dinner and I decided to break from the computer for the rest of the night and enjoy free time, which meant today I had a lot to get done, including write my weekly blog post.

I woke up early, had my coffee, and began checking things off my list. But when it came time to write my blog... nada.

I'm totally owning up to this today; I had ZERO planned ahead for today's blog. So of course, writers block hit me. I couldn't think of anything to write about in the time I have available.

So, what now? I'm thinking, looking for inspiration, checking through emails to read results from a survey I sent out last month. But a lot of that is planned for future posts and will require more time than I have available today.

So what did I do?

Nothing. I decided to do nothing! (wwwwwhhhhaaaaaat.... ?)

Yes, obviously I wrote something, because you're reading it now! But today's post is more about a single point!



It turns out my mind is cluttered, full of things on my to-do list both for my home, my website, my blog, and my clients.

And of course, it didn't help that a pipe broke in the middle of doing laundry today! So now my father-in-law is over here fixing that with my husband, and I'm the go-for: getting water, towels, tools, etc., while they're under the house. 


So apparently, that was my sign. And instead of miserably slogging through and fighting it when I'm not "feeling it," and panicking as the day comes to a close, I'm listening. Nobody's perfect, and I'm not losing anything by not having a perfect blog post today! 

The universe was telling me I needed to take a break today, and "whatever will be, will be!"


(Bear in mind, I had no deadlines for today, other than for my own blog and I'm caught up on project-related work. So I was actually able to allow myself this break!)


How well do you pay attention to your own needs (in order to take care of yourself)?

When you know you need to stop and take a break for yourself, do you? Or do you keep going, even when you really don't have to?


Take a moment to share your thoughts in the comments! I'd love to hear from you!