Edit your Squarespace site on the go with their new mobile app!


Betcha didn’t know they finally released a mobile site-editor app, did ya?

It happened this year (2019) with a beta release I got to be part of. I got to submit feedback & help them work out some bugs and now it’s available for the public.


Now, let’s talk about what you can/can’t do with it.




Where can I get it??

The app for iOS is already available, and the word is that the Android version is currently in Beta, so it should be released soon. Download links are below (these are not aff-links)!

iOS - Squarespace Mobile app (Site editor)

iOS - Squarespace Commerce (shop)
Android - Squarespace Commerce (shop)

iOS - Squarespace Analytics (website stats)
Android - Squarespace Analytics (website stats)

What can I do with it?


  • Edit Blank Layout, Blog, Gallery, and Index Pages

  • Add new Blank Layout Pages

  • Add new blog posts

  • Add, edit, and rearrange most blocks

  • Upload images directly from your device to Gallery Pages, Gallery Blocks, and Image Blocks

  • Edit basic site settings, including Announcement Bar, Business Information, and Site Password 


(As of June 2019)

  • Create a new site

  • Edit Album, Cover, Events, Info, Products, or Project Pages

  • Add new pages other than Blank Layout Pages

  • Edit footers

  • Access some site settings, including:

    • Billing & Account

    • Domains

    • Site Styles

    • Template

The app is meant for users who are already familiar with Squarespace, so it’s not meant to be used to sign up & create a new site from the app. Ya still need to do that from the desktop.

In fact, the app doesn’t include support for several things you might expect, but those features are being planned & will be included in future updates, per Squarespace’s site (👈🏻 check that link for the latest updates/info for the app or click any of the download links above to see what it currently allows).

(Anything you can’t do in the app is still available on desktop as normal, of course.)


Want your site to be this easy to use?

Then you might want to switch your site to Squarespace!