5 Reasons You Need To Hire A Graphic Designer


I see subpar designs out there all the time, clearly done by wanna-be designers or the business owner (the kind with ZERO design experience), and think WHY??? ...

Maybe you're a do-it-yourself-er. Maybe you don't think you need to? Or maybe you don't think you have the budget to hire a designer!

Whatever the case, if you are the business owner (and you're not also a graphic designer), here are five reasons it would benefit you & your business to hire a professional.

Rob Garza has a great blog listing why it'd benefit you to hire a designer. It's so straight forward & to the point that it inspired me to write a blog about it myself. So, why should you??


1. It saves you time

Starting a new business and/or running a business is very time consuming (as I'm sure you know). Do you really have time to create your own company logo (I mean a good one)? It may seem like you can just open Microsoft Word, Publisher or even PowerPoint and create something basic just to get you by (until you have time to deal with it later) and send that to the printers. The reality is that those file types are NOT helpful or use-able for designers OR printers. 

Aside from the fact that you likely don't have an eye for design, Word and Powerpoint don't let you embed fonts, and formatting can vary depending on who opens the file (2 things which are possibly the top reasons why I hate receiving these file types as a designer myself). What do those things mean? You can read more about it in an upcoming post, Designer's Pet Peeves (article published in early 2017)!

Let me save you the time and effort; if you communicate well, I can handle it for you in a fraction of the time it would take to do it yourself, and it will likely look better too (not bragging here, it's true!).


2. It saves you money

A professional designer can actually save you money. (Whaaaat?)  When you're ready to print your business cards, letterheads, flyers, or whatever it may be, I will have a better idea of what your cost-efficient options will be and what will work best for your budget.

When it comes to other design work, like doing a website or branding social media accounts for you, I can get it done right the first time, and you're far less likely to need to rebrand afterward. Rebranding can be a nightmare (changing all branding imagery, moving content to a new website, telling everyone about your domain change –I know from experience!). You DEFINITELY want to get it right the first time. 

Tell me what you need and I will find a solution for you that works both with your budget, and with your business needs in mind.


3. It can upstage your competition

Designers can help you stand out from the crowd. Let's face it: I know you can download a free trial of some design software and attempt to design your own materials, but doing so will NOT make you stand out from your competition! It will look like you tried, and failed, to do your own designs. (Sorry that's harsh, but it's true!)

If you want to look sharp, professional, legitimate and stand out among your competitors, then hire someone like myself. I have a knack for this field and I know how to set up your idea so that it meets your needs as a business owner and puts your brand in a positive light for your target audience.

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4. It keeps your brand consistent

Nothing looks more flaky and unprofessional than a business that either: 

  • a) doesn't have a clear business identity
  • b) has too many of them

You've probably seen plenty of examples of this business out in the world, and you probably felt confused by their severe lack of identity, right? (why in the world do they have 4 different "logos??" - am I right?)

Consistency represents stability in the business world, so you want everything to appear intentional and DEFINITELY NOT haphazard or unprofessional! Let me worry about those small details for you. I will keep your design idea on track, which includes a set number of fonts, colors and image styles among other things.


5. It gives you better results

It may seem trivial to you, but big brands don't become successful because the founder was designing his/her own branding on the home computer after hours. When you are serious about your business, you hire an expert who either has the skills or the instincts to create a professional design that will clearly identify the company and help it stand above all the rest. Well designed company materials will do wonders for your professional credibility, which ultimately affects your results!

Have other comments about this article or suggestions for a new topic? comment below. I'D love TO hear from you!


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