What can I do with my Client Portal?

If you've worked with me before, or you've already filled out some digital paperwork to get started on a project with me, you can log in here to see all of that information in one place.

What kinds of things can you do in the Client Portal?

  • View, Refer to, and/or Print current project related documents, such as:

    • Proposals

    • Invoices

    • Contracts

    • Questionnaires

    • Proofs

    • Order Forms

  • View and/or Approve Proofs

  • Change/Edit your own information, such as:

    • address

    • phone number

    • email address

  • refer back to emails or documents we've exchanged

  • find important links I've shared with you for things like

    • our Trello board

    • a shared Pinterest board

    • file download location in Dropbox or Google Drive

    • Your temporary website URL

      • so you can see the guest view as I design & keep up with progress being made




TIP: When you log in here, instead of accessing the Portal from the link in an email I've previously sent, you'll need the password as well as the email address you provided to log in to your Client Portal. If you don't remember what it is, feel free to ask me! =)