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Recommended Courses

Just getting started? Here are some courses I took when I was a newb like you & needed to learn the ropes. 
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100+ Top Freelancer Tools

Take a look at my favorite list of freelancing tools, by Bonsai! Includes tools that cover the following categories:

  • Accounting

  • Calendar

  • Colors

  • Community

  • Design

  • Email

  • Expenses

  • File Management

  • Fonts

  • Icons

  • Images

  • Invoicing

  • Learning

  • Legal

  • Patterns

  • Payments

  • Portfolio

  • Project Management

  • Proposals

  • Prototyping

  • Publishing

  • Taxes

  • Time Tracking

  • Work


Squarespace Design Guild Resources

I use a lot of the featured resources too, and I can tell you, they are extremely valuable!
(Square Design Guild is a Community and Learning Space Dedicated to Bringing Design and Art Back into the Design of Squarespace)



  • Accounting & Invoicing

  • Administration

  • Contracts

  • Writing & Blogging

  • Project Management

  • Design Templates


  • Bookshelf

  • Squarespace Design

  • Web design

  • Pricing for Freelancers

  • Project Management

  • Freelance Design

  • Code & Developer Education

  • Design & Branding


  • Design Programs

  • Printing

  • Stock Photography & Design

  • Typefaces & Type Resources

  • Video Recording

  • Design Basics

  • Photo Editing


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