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I believe a good logo works well at any size, because in reality logos are seen at all sizes. From a tiny favicon on your internet browser tab, to a business card, or a billboard. The more detail a logo has, the harder it becomes to use everywhere without making adjustments.

It's good to be prepared to simplify the logo, or create it so that simplification isn't necessary for certain types of printing. It's good to look at the logo from all angles, like: can it be printed or embroidered small and if so, is it still legible? Does it still look okay in black & white, grayscale, or in 1 color?


I chose a font that was wacky, playful, energetic, happy, read-able, yet still looks good on its own in circumstances where it will be easier to print the text without the cake icon. I added, less prominently, "the" and "band" to keep it from looking solely like a bakery logo.


The Jamaican flag colors are: green, yellow and black. I thought it would be fitting to include at least those 3 main colors in the design.

The orange & yellow are both bright and energetic, but not blinding. The black is minimal, because it's such a harsh color. There are also secondary colors: a coral and a bright blue that can be used in other places throughout the branding.


The first one you'll notice is the leaf on the "k" in "Cake."

Others you may not have noticed, are the green stylized shadow lines in right side of the stylized cake, and also the orange lines on the left side of the cake. Both sets of lines are actually elongated leaves.


A few options the band members and I came up with:

  1. let them hear cake
    (a spin off Marie Antoinette’s famous “Let them eat cake.” quote)
  2. play happy
  3. playin’ happy
  4. all about the right mix-ins
  5. bake someone happy
  6. sweet treats for the ears
  7. our music bakes you happy
  8. churnin’ out some smokin’ tunes
  9. churnin’ out some sweet tunes

The Happy Cake Brand Board

A Brand Board shows everything on one page that pertains to the logo. This includes colors, fonts, icons or submarks, and variations of the logo.


Realistic Mockups

When time permits, I always like to include these in the presentation, because it can be hard for some people to visualize the logo as it would be in the real world. These mockups are all computer generated, but they help give the client a sense of what their logo could look like printed in different ways.

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Business Cards

Promotional Products & Graphic Tees Examples

promotional apparel - t-shirts (front)

promotional apparel - t-shirts (back)

promotional die cut stickers / decals (edges fit around the edge of the logo, rather than being printed on a standard shaped background: square, oval, rectangle, etc.)