A little bit about me


I love books, systems & design.

I neeeever thought of being an entrepreneur or owning my own business. I graduated high school, went to college for graphic design and expected to graduate & get a job as a designer.

And that was that!

The years went by though, and I kept getting the niggling feeling that “it” wasn’t “right” yet. I wasn’t able to help people the way I really wanted.

After I decided to start a freelance design business, I realized there are entrepreneurs all around me. No wonder I eventually got the bug!

Besides working in my business, I love to read, find more efficient ways of doing the work (or automating it—heellooo more free time!), and of course design.

A focused, one-on-one setting allows me to give YOU the kind of attention to detail you truly deserve. 

I loooove working with female entrepreneurs & small business owners!

Why? Because you're as excited about what you do, as I am about my own business & I can relate to that.

Whether you're a full-fledged small business, or a one-woman show, I've got you covered. And with more than a decade of design experience under my belt, you're in good hands!