Brand Design

You're not like everyone else.
Your brand shouldn't look like theirs either!


You'll get a custom brand designed specifically for your business that works for your target audience. You'll get the files when I'm done too, so you'll have them on hand to use as you grow!


Logo Design

(limited time only)

1-2 week timeline


1 Logo Concept

2 Revision Rounds

Final Logo Files

Brand Guidelines

Custom Pattern Design

1 Print Collateral Item

Branded Social Media Image Set

Brand Design


4-5 week timeline


1 Logo Concept

3 Revision Rounds

Final Logo Files

Brand Guidelines

Custom Pattern Design

2 Print Collateral Items

2 Branded Social Media Image Sets

* I list my prices in US currency because my clients are from the US, but I can work with clients all over the world. Use a currency converter like this one to find the cost in your own currency!


What's the difference between Branding & Logo design?

Most people use Logo & Brand interchangeably, but they are separate things. One is more expansive than the other, but both have their place.

  • Logo Design package (offered for a limited time)
    • A logo is a single design that is a visual symbol of the business name (via a word mark or graphic).
    • for young businesses who aren't financially ready to purchase a larger package
  • Brand Design package
    • A brand is a consistent visual representation of your business as a whole (via the logo and a series of consistently used typefaces, colors, iconography, graphics, style, etc.); a perceived image of the brand as a whole.
    • for businesses/entrepreneurs which need the complete brand identity

What can I expect with this investment?

  • a value-based design package
  • a custom design that you will be proud of
  • a professional & effective brand that fits your brand & business
  • stand out from your competition by being professionally branded
  • achieve "legitability" with a professional look your customers will trust

But what if I don't like it?

Please don't worry about this!

I have a long questionnaire that I'll send so I can pick your brain in order to understand your needs, your business & what you want, before we get started. We'll setup a visual Pinterest board so I can see examples of styles you like, which means you don't necessarily have to be able to articulate what you're looking for in order for me to understand.

If that doesn't help, some revisions are a built into the cost of the package. Typically my clients don't need that many, because of my detailed pre-work process, but I can revise it until you're happy, at my hourly rate.

One way or another, you'll walk away with a design you are proud of!

Is it okay to tell you what to change?

Of course it is, silly! I'm designing this for you, not for me, which means I want you to like it too!

The design decisions I make are based on my experience with what seems to work the best, so I'm always working with your best interest at heart. That being said, if you don't like something I'm doing, or you know it won't work, please tell me! It's your business and you know it best.

Constructive criticism is part of my job, and it's something I've dealt with since 2006. Unless you're just flat rude about what you want to change (ya catch more flies with honey, right?), I can handle it. 


Ready to invest in your success?