Hi & welcome!!

I am so glad you're reaching out to me! Before getting started, I'm going to go over the details of my process, so you know what to expect from working together, okay? 

  • read some reviews; what my clients are actually saying about me
  • my design process in detail
  • pricing & packages
  • timelines
  • payment plans
  • Frequently Asked Questions

When you've looked through all of that, you can send me an email or schedule a free consult with me to see if I'd be a good fit for your project, and we can move forward from there!


How it works:


    After you've read through this page, you can send me an email or schedule a quick get-to-know-you phone call, where we can talk about the design you need, and ask each other questions about the project to see if I'm a good fit.


    After our consult, I'll send you a Proposal to approve which will show you the basic details included in that package again, and allow you to pay the deposit required that will get you in my schedule, or you can choose to pay for the project in full at that time.


    I will email you a customized contract specific to your project, that protects both our rights. You'll need to read through & sign it before we can get started working together.


    Depending on the scope of your project and which package you chose (this excludes the simple Logo Design Package), I may do 1 of 2 things to help keep the project organized and on track:

    1) invite you to a team board via Trello, my project management system (don't worry, it's free & easy!); there you'll have a place to go & add files/attachments to help with color, font & style inspiration, comment on submitted proofs, and more.

    2) email you simple online proof forms that show the design and have room to leave comments or suggestions.


    Most of my design packages require some specific feedback from you so I can customize the design to fit your needs specifically. You'll receive homework from me (after you approve the proposal) that you'll need to finish prior to me getting started, such as a questionnaire/survey, where I pick your brain a little bit!

    For larger projects, there may be a Trello board to upload inspiration imagery and/or website content, and an in-depth design questionnaire to fill out.


    We can schedule another consult before the designing begins, in case you have any more questions or concerns for me.


    I'll begin the process of designing a Logo or Brand, by submitting a Moodboard, which will summarize basic colors, fonts & the overall vibe I think you're going for. These images aren't designed, just chosen from Pinterest or other places & combined in one simple layout for your approval, to see if I'm on the right track.

    If you like where I'm going with that, then I'll get started on the design, and then move on to the Brand Board.

    *(Basic Logo Design Package excludes the Brand Board)


    The Brand Board will show all of your Branding elements on one page: your brand's logo variations, your full color palette, main font choices, iconography and/or graphics, and any custom patterns. Any revisions to the branding will happen here, and then we'll move forward once I have your approval.

    *(Basic Logo Design Package excludes this step)


    Once your brand design is final, we can move on to create branding imagery for your profile and cover photos in your main social media accounts. Doing so will create consistent, branded images across all platforms where your target audience will find and interact with your business.

    *(Basic Logo Design Package excludes this step)


    If you chose a package that includes a website design, you can choose a template you like, then I'll start setting up a live site based on the information you provided & the branding we've established by this point. There will be revisions before the final product is launched, so we can make it perfect for your business.


    Before I hand over final files, and/or transfer the website ownership to you, you must complete the final payment. Afterward, I will send you a link to an online folder, where you can download all the final files, and if applicable to your project, I will transfer ownership of the website over to you.


    For Logo and Branding packages, after file handoff I'll tell you which file formats are typically used in different situations so you can be prepared to use the files I hand over in the best ways possible.

    For Website Design Packages, after site handoff, I can walk you through how to use your new website on the backend via video tutorials, or an in-person meeting if you're local. Don't worry, it's super easy and intuitive, both for the "green" and the "experienced," which is one of the many reasons I love Squarespace!

    *(If for any reason you feel that you might need help while you learn your way around, I can be added as an Admin on your site for a period of time, in order to be able to access it and help you with any potential issue you may be having, at an added hourly fee for time worked, as needed.)



Logo Design

1-2 week timeline


1 Logo Concept

2 Revision Rounds

Final Logo Files

Brand Guidelines

Custom Pattern Design

1 Print Collateral Item

Branded Social Media Image Set

Brand Design

2-4 week timeline


1 Logo Concept

3 Revision Rounds

Final Logo Files

Brand Guidelines

Custom Pattern Design

2 Print Collateral Items

2 Branded Social Media Image Sets

Starter Website

4-6 week timeline


Logo Design Package ($400 Value)

Linked Social Media Accounts

(Up to) 10 Pages You Choose

Implement Basic SEO

Setup Branded Email Account

Setup Email Marketing Service

Basci Online Shop Setup

Branded Social Media Image Set (for up to 2 accounts)

Squarespace Tutorial & Site Handoff

Full Support for 1 Week (limited support for 30 days)

Pro Website

6-8 week timeline


Brand Design Package ($800 Value)

Linked Social Media Accounts

(Up to) 20 Pages You Choose

Implement Basic SEO

Setup Branded Email Account

Setup Email Marketing Service

Basic Online Shop Setup

Branded Social Media Image Set (for up to 4 accounts)

Squarespace Tutorial & Site Handoff

Full Support for 2 Weeks (limited support for 60 days)


* I list my prices in US currency because my clients are from the US, but I can work with clients all over the world. Use a currency converter like this one to find the cost in your own currency!


Frequently Asked Questions


How does payment work?

Depending on the package you choose, I'll ask for a 20% to 50% deposit before I get started on your project. After the deposit is paid, the remaining balance will be split up into several payments, spaced out a week or two apart. Of course if you prefer, you can always pay in full to start.

For the Logo Design package, since it is the least expensive and only available for a limited time, I ask for the full amount up front (no payment plan), due by the day your project starts. If you schedule ahead of time, you can have plenty of time to save up for it if needed.


Why do you use a contract & how does that work?

I use a contract to protect both of our rights throughout the process. I'd love to believe everyone out there is an ethical human, but because I need to be smart about my business, I look for the best in everyone while also using a contract as a backup. πŸ˜‰

The contract is digital, so I will email you the link to it after your deposit is paid. You can take your time going through it & ask if you have any questions, before signing. You can sign digitally and once you do, I'll be alerted & will sign it too. After signing there will be a link to the document in your Client Portal, where you can log in any time to view or print it out (along with any other documents I've sent, including Proposals & Invoices).

If for any reason you choose not to sign it, I'll refund your deposit, terminate the project & remove you from my schedule. Sorry!


How will I get my design files from you?

I will load them into a folder on Dropbox or Google Drive, and send you the link so you can download them wherever you are. If you also require a hard copy, that's available too. The first shipment of that hard copy is free, but if you ever need it again I'll send you an invoice for the cost of materials & shipment.


What is a Revision Round? What if I need more than what's allotted?

For me, a revision round is just what it sounds like: a round of revision(s). So, if you see the first proof & want to make a couple changes, list them all in that request. Once submitted, that's Revision Round 1. It can be a list of 1 revision or 30, but as long as those requests are submitted at the same time, in the same document, it's considered part of that round.

I do require that all requests be in the same document, so that I can keep track of what you're asking for without hunting down several different emails, etc., and piecing it all together. With multiple clients and several projects being worked on at once, that can become confusing for me, fast!

Don't be too worried about this though; most of my clients don't require many revisions at all, which is why the number of revision rounds allowed is so low.

If for some reason you do require more than the allotted number of rounds, it's okay! I'll let you know that you've exceeded your included art time, and if you're okay with more work, I'll just charge hourly for any additional work until we land on the final design, then I'll tack that amount onto your invoice total. Nothing sneaky; I promise. You'll always know where you stand. 😊


What is Trello?

Trello is a free, online project management system. It's a very visual, easy to use (drag-and-drop editing) way to track what you're doing for any type of project, allowing both List & Calendar views at any time.

You can use it for business with projects to-do's, create a client address book, manage/oversee team work, and more. You can also use it for home related things, like for your family's calendar, meal planning & recipes, grocery checklists, redesigning or renovating your house or a room in your house, honey-do's or general to-do's for your home, etc.

It allows comments on each task, due dates, color labels to stay organized at a glance, and checklists can be made that show you what percentage has been completed & the ability to simply hide those completed tasks from the checklist. You can also add attachments to any task from a variety of places including: Dropbox, Google Drive, links, and your own computer of course.

The best part? They have an app for mobile & desktop, which sync with each other, so you can edit your projects on the go, or in your internet browser.

There are paid plans available, but 95% of their system can be used for free with no time limit commitment to Trello, so it's unlikely you would need a paid plan.


What platform will you use for my website?

I use (and LOVE) Squarespace for my own website. I also use it for my clients, primarily because it is SO easy & intuitive to use, whether you're an expert or not as tech savvy. So intuitive, in fact, that you'll find it easy to maintain, after the design is done. And if you don't, I can always remain as an Admin on your site (through my own account) to help you as needed, on an hourly basis.

All of their templates are responsive, meaning your site will look great on all devices (desktop, mobile & tablet) without really trying or worrying about it. There are also no funky plugins that need updating, so your site won't breakdown if a line of code goes bad during a plug-in update. Squarespace has fantastic customer support as well, though I don't find that I need to use it much at all.

Plus, as a Squarespace Circle Member I can design your site on a 6 month free trial, so you don't have to buy your Squarespace plan until the design is completed & ready to launch! 

Squarespace Circle Member

What about my domain & hosting?

All of that can be done through Squarespace! But if you already have a domain elsewhere, don't fret. I can transfer it to Squarespace for you, so that you're billed from the same company each year for your renewal; or I can just point it to your Squarespace site, if you'd like to keep the domain wherever you purchased it.

Does any of that sound murky and confusing to you? Then don't sweat it; I'll do all of that for you within Squarespace & keep it simple.


What other services do you offer?

I am a brand, print & web designer, so I offer a wide variety of services for all three.

Everything from just a simple logo design to an entire brand design. I can also design for all kinds of printed things (business cards, stationery, flyers, documents, short ebooks, etc.), promo and giveaway items (t-shirts, pens, pencils, stickers, etc.).

If there's something extra you're interested in, just ask! If I can do it, I'll send you a quote.


How quickly can you start on my project?

Honestly it depends on the size of the project, but typically I'm booked out for at least a month. If it's a smaller project, I might be able to fit you in sooner, but for larger projects with a longer timeline, it could be 3-6 weeks before I could get started. Sorry! ☺️


If you decide you want to work with me after the consult, then I'll send you the proposal. Once I receive the completed Proposal form from you, I'll send an invoice where the deposit can be paid, and that secures your spot in my schedule! Yay!