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Souljam has been such a fun client!

I started a few years ago by designing their logo, and that evolved into working on a series of projects for them. I got to design multiple versions of their logo for different purposes, merchandising, redesign their website, flyers, business cards, banners, and so much more!


Souljam is a jam band in the Indian River County area of Florida. They write their own music, as well as perform popular hits by Phish, Grateful Dead, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Widespread Panic, Joe Cocker, and many more.

They're constantly thinking of new ways to get their fans excited about coming to hear them play, whether that's:

  • sometimes pairing with other bands like The Funk Alliance for special co-performances

  • selling band merchandise at most shows

  • or doing a merchandise giveaway to a surprise fan.

Being a crowd favorite among several counties, these free-spirited & professional musicians are very busy & wanted to have a better gig calendar on their website that their fans could keep up with; preferably one that could be managed more easily themselves.


After a consult, we decided Squarespace could be a great option for them & they wanted to move their site from Wordpress. Since moving their site, they've kept up with everything on their own.  Most importantly, they love their newfound freedom, with Squarespace!



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Love My Doula


Lynda McMurtray is an experienced RN, who's worked in women's health for more than a decade.


After a wonderful experience helping her "daughter-in-love" bring her first grandchild into the world, she found a new calling! She wanted to be there to help many other women through their pregnancy & births too.

Now serving Florida's Treasure Coast area as a doula, she needed an online hub for her new business, including form downloadables & a scheduler for booking appointments.


She came to me with her logo already done, but I helped created the rest of her branding and designed the website for her new business.

She craved something simple, pretty and calming, and that's exactly what she got!

*This site is no longer active; Lynda is currently focusing on her work as an RN.


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Tom & Julianne


Tom & Julianne are professional musicians, and have been entertaining together for more than 30 years.

They specialize in two different types of performance: evening musical entertainment and worship leadership. So they needed one place where they could essentially advertise their services in both arenas.


Tom & Julianne wanted a couple different things: to update their branding and their website. They also needed more freedom, but didn't realize it was possible to have that with their website.

I quickly moved them from Wordpress over to Squarespace, so they could have the freedom to update the basics themselves, as time progresses.

They already had a fantastic photographer and provided the photos from that session for the new site.

I updated their branding as well, keeping the basic colors & elements from before and just making it more classy & modern to match their entertaining style.




Printed Business Card

Music Home page

Worship Home Page


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OutWrite Solutions


Ally, owner of OutWrite Solutions, is a copywriter and provides a variety of related services to both for profit and non-profit businesses.

She had a website on GoDaddy, but no matter how much she tweaked it, she was never proud of it.

Her business needed a simple website that matched her company branding and was easy to use & edit herself. She also needed to cater to a wide range of clientele, so we decided to keep things very simple, clean and clear.

With only 4 main navigation pages, we just kept to the basics and added a blog page for her to populate as she makes the time.

Squarespace has been a great fit for her and her business!


logo & brand development


Stationery mockups


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The Ken Young Company





KYC had a functional website, but it had been hand-coded a decade earlier & was not really mobile friendly or up to date on services offered, gallery images, or keeping up with modern website styles. Essentially, it had served its purpose well, but it was definitely time for a change!

The main complaints were simple: get rid of the clutter, update the imagery, make it mobile friendly, adjust our information, add online order forms, and update the galleries.

Not only was I able to achieve all of those things, but we also made their gallery content searchable by number of colors in the design (as it had been before), design subject matter, print or embroidery, etc.

I also added online order forms where design ideas (images) can be submitted when they submit the form. The form submission information is emailed to the appropriate department, so incoming orders can be started a little easier.

I also built a FAQ page where visitors can go to look up their questions, or even submit one of their own if they don’t see it on the page.

I’ve added a little bit of custom code to make the layout unique to their company & industry, as well as being more functional for viewers.


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Detail Kingz



Jeremy, owner of Detail Kingz, is a local auto-detailer for luxury, commercial and recreational vehicles.

He needed a place to showcase his pricing and package details, contact information and take appointments online, –other than his Facebook Business page.

We also included a gallery where he can showcase his work, and a place to show commonly asked questions.

Since completing the job, he’s taken to Squarespace well, editing the site as needed and I couldn’t be happier that he’s landed on a platform that works for his business.


This project was a great example of how designs can morph from what was initially discussed, to the final product.

Initially he was open to a branding overhaul that would market to his luxury vehicle owning customers a bit better, but after seeing my thoughts he decided he really just liked what he already had.

Since he didn’t have logo files of his own to use, and everything he did have was comparatively inconsistent, I recreated it & cleaned it up a bit, used the colors he chose and font choices that didn’t take away from the athletic feel of the logo.

Of course I prefer the luxurious version, but ultimately I’m happy that he’s happy with his new branding materials–and he can finally stop using Facebook in lieu of a website! Win-Win!

Original Logo

Original Logo

Original Crown icon

Original Crown icon


Initial Luxury Branding

Final Recreated Branding


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