T-shirt Mockup

T-shirt Mockup


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I actually created this T-shirt Mockup to use myself in the screenprinting industry, so I know it works quite well! 😊 

The t-shirt in the mockup is a Comfort Colors brand, unisex fit, pigment dyed, cotton tee. It's a very comfortable t-shirt in real life; I have a few of them myself! The tags on the real shirts are often dyed the same color as the t-shirt, so I didn't bother keeping it a different color.

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What you’ll get:

Your download will be a compressed .zip file containing 2 folders:

  • 1 folder for the blank t-shirts on a transparent background

    • White t-shirts (Front & Back view for each)

    • Grey t-shirts (Front & Back view for each)

    • Black t-shirts (Front & Back view for each)

  • 1 folder for the PSD (CS6) template files

    • Front View (Light, Medium & Dark versions)

    • Back View (Light, Medium & Dark versions)

All you have to do to change the shirt color is assess what shade you're going for (example: cream would be light, coral would be medium, navy would be dark), choose that layer, double click on the effects panel & change the Color Overlay color until you get close to the color you were aiming for. You can also adjust the tone of the t-shirt layer color by using Curves or Levels to help get it just right.

Each file has a smart object layer, where you can double click, delete my logo image, and paste in your own. Your logo can be full color, or not; whatever you choose. If you want to have a different logo on each layer in 1 file though, make sure you edit the name of the linked Smart Object file slightly when you save it, otherwise Photoshop will auto-update each of the 3 logos (the one in each layer group) every time you change it.


There are also instructions in the file to help you save your mockup for web (super easy!), which will give you a higher resolution image with a smaller file size (helps images load faster on websites).


Personal or Commercial Use allowed, provided you are not re-selling this template as your own.


The Photoshop psd file was ideal and worked perfectly in newer Photoshop CC and older version (CS4). I would highly recommend this template to everyone, it is a complete package with front and back views of the t-shirt, allows for easy colour changes, and the linked vector file makes placing your design on the pocket very straight forward. You won't find a better one on the internet, especially at this great price, believe me I've looked.

– Luc Boudreau, Maritime Grime

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