Mike & Suzanne OBrien


Happy Cake Branding


Can't tell you how much we LOVE the logo you created for Happy Cake!!!!! With this being our first time using a graphic designer, we decided to hire you after seeing your work and receiving an excellent recommendation from a trustworthy friend. The best part was your professionalism as well as your willingness to assist us in taking our vision and making it a reality; as well as your adaptability to our last-minute changes. The new logo accurately reflects our business concept. Honestly, there was nothing difficult about the process. Do yourself a favor and hire her right now! You will not be disappointed!

– Suzanne OBrien, Happy Cake


Your eager and helpful ideas helped to narrow down my possibilities and be able to focus on what would best serve my needs. The best part was the time I saved and also your ability to show me what would best work for me. The new design will benefit us because it's very unique, and totally specific to my brand. It is original, eye-catching and fun to look at. Of course choosing the direction you want to go in at the offset is always difficult and challenging, but Katelyn was such a great help to me. Do not hesitate to work with Katelyn, I recommend her 1000%.

– Mike OBrien, Happy Cake

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Katelyn Dekle

Studio 1862, P.O. Box 244, Calvary, Ga, 39828

I'm a freelance graphic designer. I've been designing for 10 years, and still love it! My passion is helping small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs become successful by providing professional branding and website design services.

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