My Tool Box

These are tools I love & use myself, so I'm happy to share them with you!




Squarespace is perfect for so many people. If you want a modern, low-maintenance site with an easy-to-use interface, and want to be able to keep the site updated yourself, then it's for you. I love & use Squarespace for myself & my clients!


Design Software
I'm biased, because I love & use Illustrator daily. It's where I create most of what I design, because it's so versatile! Nearly everything I do uses Illustrator, including all the graphics.


On-The-Go Photo Editing
Snapseed is an amazing photo editing app with many of the basic features Photoshop will give you, but on the go. I stopped using other apps to edit my pics, because this is now my absolute favorite for on-the-go use.




All-in-One app
Dubsado has all or most of what I need all in one place! Read more about why Dubsado is my favorite business app here, and how I use it for my onboarding process here. Setting up took a long time, but Dubsado has saved me so much time, it's crazy.

You can use it FREE (up to 3 clients), & when you upgrade, use my code "s1862" to give yourself 20% OFF your first month OR YEAR.


Online Scheduler
Until Dubsado releases their online scheduler, I'm in love with Acuity. You can't beat the easy integration with Acuity + Squarespace. Not to mention that you can get the Emerging Entrepreneur plan (a $15/month value) for free if you also use Squarespace! Learn more about how Squarespace Users Can Use a Paid Acuity Plan for FREE here


Email Marketing
Newsletters, email ads, embed ad/pop-ups, etc.. They have 3 ways to build your content with them: 1) a Drag-And-Drop Page builder, 2) an HTML editor, and 3) a Rich Text editor.

MailerLite has a Forever Free Plan which allows you to send unlimited emails (up to 1,000 subscribers) before you'll need to upgrade! If you have a branded email address, you can get started today, for free!


Email Management


Branded Email
G Suite can be purchased through your Squarespace settings; it's a lot easier to set up and it's got a lot of added benefits. It's also not free, so there's give & take. I use it for myself, and really enjoy having it.

*Use the codes below for 20% off your first year! G Suite Basic Plan: 669FFPUANL6AEHF & G Suite Business Plan: 66FLURRGNR6RU7Y


Email Management
Spark is an app that works 1,000x better than Apple Mail (I’m a Mac user, but this is also available for Android users!) to manage my multiple email accounts.

Direct access to your calendar, reminders to follow up, easy email signature control, email templates with variables, email delegation with private comments, snoozing, archiving, smart inbox (organizes incoming email into sections like notifications or newsletters), and so much more.

Did I mention it’s also FREE? And you can put it on all of your devices? Eff yeah! #doit #notanafflink


Social Media Schedulers


Pinterest Scheduling
Unlike Board Booster, Tailwind is "officially" sanctioned by Pinterest, AND it analyzes your account activity in order to automatically schedule pins when your viewers/followers are most active. (Of course you can change/add/edit times that your pins are published as well). Their user-interface is polished and easy to use.

**Now allows automatic Instagram posts! Read about it here.


Social Media Manager
Later is social media scheduler, like Buffer, Tailwind & Hootsuite, with a forever free plan (up to 30 posts per month).

One thing I LOVE most about Later is that for Instagram specifically, it shows you the way your gallery will look with the scheduled posts. 

**Now allows automatic Instagram posts! Read about it here.


Managing Money


Freelancer Resources
Bonsai was created by Freelancers, for Freelancers! They have contracts that are SUPER easy to edit and you can send + sign them digitally. They also handle invoicing, payments, reminders, time tracking, and proposals. For more on HB, read about it on my blog, Free Invoicing, Contracts, Proposals & Time Tracking.

If you'd like to try Bonsai, you can get your first month free by clicking here!


Accounting & Bookkeeping
If you're looking for a more in-depth accounting system than what Dubsado includes, this is a great place to start. They were bought by H&R Block in 2019 though, so look for pricing to change, potentially. They handle accounting, invoicing, lending, payroll, payments and receipts.

There's limited control over invoice styles (though you can choose the accent color and add your logo), but you can connect to your bank account and take online payments and more. If you're not ready for Freshbooks, Quickbooks or those others yet, this is a great starting point!




Organization & Task Management
Trello has boards, lists, and cards which allow you to "organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible and rewarding way." It's intuitive, easier to use, and extremely visual, so it works perfectly for my creative brain, and I love being able to toggle the calendar & list views inside each board. 

For more about Trello, read these blog posts: 


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*Only the listings marked with an asterisk (*) are affiliate links. I wouldn't list them here if I didn't love & use them myself!